Have you ever faced these situations?

  • Where you have an intense passion to follow
  • But you don’t have much money to spend
  • And your current profession seems not appealing anymore

Those were the remarkable reasons for which few ordinary people like us have taken a huge leap of faith to explore an unknown territory, fearlessly. But one thing, which is common to all of us, is a tremendous zeal to fight against all odds of life that comes to our way.

One of us had to leave her prestigious post of professor due to some inevitable circumstances. But she has heartfelt love to frame new designs using beads, polymer clay, paper and different unique tools. The beauty of those rare designs makes our near and dear one amazed. This spontaneous acceptance impels us to think about the actual demand of exclusive jewelry creations in India.

Moving towards this way, we needed an intense market study on costume jewelry & jewelry supplies. Another member of our team, who has wide experience in sales, marketing & brand building, came to our rescue. His studies revealed that there is a giant gap between genuine demand and effective supplies of exclusive handmade designer jewelries, fashion jewelries and supplies.

Realizing that, we put our vigorous effort to fulfill this gap using the technological skills of one of our squad member. Despite having a highly paid job in a top MNC, he still thought there’s more to life and it must be achieved. His zeal, to make a mark, planted the seeds of on a fertile ground of jewelry planet.

We started our journey with a thought to create a one stop shopping point which will become an ultimate destination of jewelry-lovers for all kind of handmade and fashion jewelries, related jewelry supplies through a single website. For this purpose we started developing a customer friendly e-store which yields a unique platform to portray our thought into action. This journey was set in the early quarter of 2015 and observing customer demand we proceed to launch our dream website at the beginning of 2017.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Hellen Keller

We believe that progress can be done by working together and growing together. Our platform creates an opportunity to showcase all the magnificent creations of numerous jewelry artists in the country. Retailer and wholesaler also get a sizable marketplace to keep and sale there jewelry supplies collections throughout India. When their creations and products shine like the sun can touch the sky. has a mission to render its best services to every customer at their highest satisfactory level and it also has a prime focus to offer quality products to each of its customer to make a strong customer-vendor bonding with an honest effort.

Our vision is to reveal various flavor of artistic jewelry from different parts of India in a single platform. In future we dream to flourish as an enriched e-jewelry marketplace where the needs and desires of all customers (retailer, wholesaler, individual) will be fulfilled.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to join our marketplace we would like to welcome you here. If you find this story interesting and want to stay updated about us, you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.


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