Have you recently heard about Afghan jewelry? You must have. From US to India, jewelry lovers of the whole world have gone crazy about Afghan jewelries. Do you want to know why? Read on.


What is Afghan Jewelry?

Afghan jewelries, alternatively known as Kuchi jewelry were originated from the Kuchi nomads in Afghanistan. Kochis or Kuchis (from the Persian word: koch; meaning "migration") are Afghan nomads primarily from the Ghilji tribal confederacy. The Kuchis are Pashtuns, the dominant tribe in Afghanistan, and though most of them are settled now, once upon a time they were almost all nomads, among them the Afghan royal family. The Afghan Kuchi jewellery is distinguished on the basis of whether the pieces are made of costly materials, imported pieces, or made of beads. The more expensive pieces of jewellery are generally created using precious and semiprecious stones worked in the metal and inlay settings by metal craftsmen in public workshops. Those types are generally worn on special occasions like Nikka (marriage) while the less costly ornaments made from imported materials are worn on an everyday occasion. 


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More simpler jewellery that is worn by Afghan women every day in Afghanistan are made from cotton-stung Mora (beads) and coins also natural products such as cloves, nuts, and clay that are easily found locally in Afghanistan.


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Here you can see some gorgeous Afghan jewelry pieces. Whether extravagant or simple they always manage to catch your attention.


Afghan Jewelry: Trending Now

Afghan jewelries because of their beautiful intricate work, mesmerizing stone inlays and absolute gorgeousness is a world-wide craze now. Well, India is not far behind. One single day have not gone by when we have not spotted a lady proudly wearing a jewelry piece very similar to those traditional Afghan jewelries. In India, the Afghan jewelries available are mostly made up of German silver and glass or enamel inlays. Beautiful floral designs and crescent moon cuts are a must for those cotemporary Afghan earrings available in the country. Beadsobling offers a variety of choice in this category.


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Afghan coin necklaces are the most versatile piece of jewelry you can have. When styled properly, they can be worn with practically any kind of dress. Are you a lover of ethnic dresses like saree and kurtis? Or you do like to flaunt western attire in a tank top and jeans. Coin choker necklaces or a double layer mid-length necklace is a must have for you. If you are looking for longer pieces you can easily find them at


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Afghan chokers are the drop dead gorgeous pieces which will turn all heads for you when you enter in the party wearing one of them. The traditional ones are made up of silver and sometime gold plated silver. The contemporary ones are made up of German silver. They are high on style quotient but light on your pocket.


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Celebrity Style

Recently we spotted Athiya Shetty & Deepika Padukone in pretty double layered Afghani earrings which are very similar to those traditional one. From Gauhar Khan to Vidya Balan everyone seems to be a fan of these gorgeous jewelries. See how they flaunt these big statement pieces with no necklace and minimal make-up look.


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See who is flaunting Afghan style coin necklaces here. These versatile pieces are worn with western style top by Deepika Padukone, with traditional churidaar by famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and we cannot leave out Aishwariya Rai Bachchan who rocked a short length coin necklace with a shirt dress.


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Whether you like to follow the trend or not you must have few of these gorgeous pieces in your closet. They not only bring those thousand years old Kuchi or Pashtun craftsmanship alive but are very versatile and time-tested designs. They seem to be will in-trend for next few years too. You can register yourself here on and stay connected with us on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram to get more updates on Afghan jewelries and collect your own fabulous pieces.